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Learn how to treat feline and canine diabetes

Canine diabetes presents the same complications as the disease does in humans, and as such it is important to learn the best ways to manage the condition in your dog or cat.

Diabetes is a chronic condition whereby the body is unable to properly breakdown and utilize glucose, causing damage to tissues and organs. This is due to either a lack of insulin - which facilitates the use of glucose by cells - known as Type I Diabetes, or the inability of insulin to work properly, known as Type II or Adult Onset Diabetes.

Left untreated, canine and feline diabetes can lead to very serious health problems such as heart disease, kidney damage, blindness and even death. The condition must be treated as soon as it is diagnosed to minimize futher complications.

If you would like to learn more about one of the latest natural treatments for feline and canine diabetes just follow the link provided. Otherwise, you can learn more about diabetic treatment below.

Dogs and cats afflicted with the disorder disease can receive regular insulin shots to help regulate their blood sugar. Strict diets including high fiber may also be necessary to stabilize blood sugar levels.

In addition, recent research shows that natural dietary supplements may be able to prevent the onset of canine diabetes as well as manage the condition in those animals that develop the condition.

Some of the more effective herbal remedies can eliminate the need for prescription medications, a coup for those who want to their dogs to avoid the potential side effects of chemical-based drugs.

Natural supplements such as bilberry extract, fenugreek and astragalus can treat canine and feline diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels and increasing insulin production. They can also lower cholesterol and blood pressure, relieve fatigue and regulate metabolism, as well as promote general health and well-being.

If you are interested in preventing or treating diabetes in your dog or cat, you might want to consider Pet Alive GlucoBalance, a natural canine diabetes remedy with specially blended herbal extracts that may help balance blood glucose levels in your dog.

Please note you should always consult with your veterinarian before choosing a treatment option for your pet's diabetes. He or she will help you decide if a natural alternative is right for your dog or cat.

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