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Promote dog tooth health with simple techniques

Dog tooth health is a key issue when it comes to your canine friend, as your pets use their teeth a lot more than we do, for more than just chewing their food.

Generally dogs don't get cavities but they can occur if they eat soft food that can collect in their gums. That can lead to infection, which causes gums to soften and recede. If your dog's breath smells worse than normal, that could be an indication of a problem. Train your dog to open his mouth on command so you can inspect his teeth while he's still a puppy. If you wait until the dog is older to start checking his teeth the dog may not be a willing partner.

Dog teeth health issues include tartar buildup, which can happen if your dog is drinking hard water. Tartar buildup leads to gum disease and possible tooth loss. You can remove tartar buildup from your dog's teeth by using a three per cent hydrogen peroxide solution or a one per cent hydrochloric acid solution. Use a rag and rub the solution thoroughly on the teeth.

An easier way to avoid tartar buildup issues is to give your dog a raw marrow bone periodically. The gnawing motion and the thoroughness of the dog's attention to chewing and delight in the activity scrapes away tartar. It makes a mess and outside is the best place for a dog and a bone. Do not use cooked bones, which can easily splinter.

What's the best way to promote dog tooth health?

In addition to following basic oral care techniques, more and more pet owners are turning to natural supplements for dog tooth health that can promote strong, healthy teeth and gums and prevent problems such as gingivitis and calculus.

Feed your dog kibble instead of canned food and give him dog biscuits designed to clean his teeth. Provide him with hard toys to chew on, made of hard rubber, rawhide or nylon. Also, and this may surprise many people, you should brush his teeth twice a week. Many vets advise that you do it daily, or every other day, with the dog using a chew toy on the non-brushing days.

You weren't expecting that when you brought the puppy home, but if you want to take dog teeth health seriously it's a good practice to follow. Don't use toothpaste designed for humans because it may be harmful to your dog. There is toothpaste for dogs available or you can use baking soda. Some dog owners use a finger brush, with the theory that the dog will be less inclined to bite their finger than they would another object. But toothbrushes work better and they are available at pet supply stores.

Brushing your dog's teeth regularly is the ideal, but vets know that many dog owners aren't going to do it. The second-best alternative is to give your pet biscuits or dog chews designed to clean his teeth. Your dog's teeth aren't much different than your own and if you take your dental hygiene seriously give the same consideration to dog tooth health.

If you're looking for a way to help strengthen your dog's teeth and prevent tooth decay and gum disease, take a look at Gumz-n-Teeth from PetAlive natural products and decide if it's right for your pet.

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