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Prevent and treat gingivitis in dogs

Gingivitis in dogs is a common problem as it is in humans. The latest research indicates that over 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of dental issue. The problem tends to get more serious as the pets advance in age. It is marked by an inflammation of the gums brought on by poor oral hygiene.

Prevention is easier than treatment and that starts with a well-balanced dry dog food and regular use of chew toys, made of hard rubber, nylon or rawhide. The active chewing gives the dog's teeth and gums a good workout. You can mix canned dog food with kibble periodically to give your dog a change of pace. Regular brushing of your pet's teeth is also recommended.

It's not just the canines that are affected, as feline gingivitis is also an issue, and symptoms in extreme cases will include bad breath, excessive salivation and sometimes difficulty eating. Gums will bleed easily and appear to be raw and bumpy. As gingivitis worsens the gums recede from the root of the tooth, resulting in tooth loss.

Care for your pet's oral hygiene should start early if you want to prevent gingivitis in dogs. Start when they are puppies, and maintain care. Get your pet used to opening his mouth and rub his gums and teeth. Then get a small toothbrush and start a regular brushing program, ideally every day. As they get older get a larger brush and use toothpaste designed specifically for pets.

What's the best way to prevent and treat canine gingivitis?

Many people opt for natural formulas that can promote healthy teeth and gums and help prevent gingivitis in dogs to help complement a healthy oral care regimen. These can be quite effective for both the prevention and the treating of various tooth and gum problems.

These natural remedies contain herbal extracts and other nutrients that significantly lower the risk of canine and feline gingivitis. It's important to be aware of the fact that certain buildups of plaque known as calculus contain bacteria that can wreak havoc on your dog's health. It can lead to abscesses and the loss of teeth, but worse yet, it can make its way through your pet's bloodstream and result in organ damage.

Since the teeth are such an essential part of your dog's life, even more so than our own, it's imperative that you ensure the proper health of his choppers...once there is damage, it is not reversible. Modern dentistry also does not have the same cosmetic applications for your dog or cat that is has for us humans.

If you're looking for a way to help strengthen your dog's teeth and prevent tooth decay and gum disease, take a look at Gumz-n-Teeth from PetAlive natural products and decide if it's right for your pet.

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