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Promote joint and muscle health with glucosamine for dogs

As it becomes more popular as natural treatment for joint problems in humans, glucosamine for dogs has been the subject of many recent pet health articles...but can it help?

As your dog ages it can fall victim to the problems we face as we get on in years. One of the most common issues is joint pain, as cartilage starts to wear down. This could be a sign of the onset of osteoarthritis, a debilitating condition.

Traditional treatment involves anti-inflammatory drugs, which can suppress the inflammation response. These medications can be very helpful, but they simply mask the problem, and oftentimes come with nasty side effects. As such, more pet owners are turning to glucosamine for dogs, as well as chondroitin, two natural supplements that can help alleviate joint pain at the source of the problem.

Some veterinarians will recommend a glucosamine chondroitin dog supplement, or you can find them online at reputable pet sites. We have searched extensively for the highest quality products available, and even embarked on a dog glucosamine chondroitin supplement comparison.

Glucosamine helps cartilage in the joints to heal and reduces the progression and pain of arthritis. If your pet shows any of the following signs, treatment with glucosamine for dogs might help him get back to normal: difficulty walking up and down stairs, lethargy (could point to depression or pain), sudden limping, difficulty getting up, signs of pain upon touch and/or an unwllingness to be touched. In any of these cases adding glucosamine chondroitin dog supplements to your pet's regular diet can be beneficial.

Dog glucosamine chondroitin supplement comparison has shown that while glucosamine builds up cartilage, chondroitin stops the breakdown of cartilage in the joints, which can cause extreme pain for the animal. Working in conjunction, these two natural compounds can offer significant relief for canine's suffering from mild joint pain as well as those with osteoarthritis.

What makes natural treatments attractive is that there are no known side effects. Although they might not be effective in some cases, if a glucosamine chondroitin dog supplement offers a potential solution without the many potential health complications of prescription medications, then it is probably worth trying.

If you suspect a joint or muscle problem in your pet, make sure you visit your veterinarian as soon as possible to have the issue diagnosed early. The vet may tell you that anti-inflammatories are the only option, but ask about glucosamine for dogs and see what they say. Don't start supplementation without consulting your vet first.

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