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Get Rid of Dogs Tear Stains Naturally

Dogs tear stains can be an unsightly and troublesome problem, particularly for dogs with light colored fur. Concerned owners have sought all sorts of solutions for this issue with limited results. Now there is finally an effective product which uses 100% natural ingredients to remove tear stains and improve your dog's looks.

When it comes to tear stains dogs of all kinds are susceptible to the condition. It is the result of an overflow of tears which then reacts to the bacteria which can be found on the skin around and below the eyes causing ugly, dark stains. Red Yeast is one of the most common causes of tear stains on dogs as it thrives in the warm, moist area around a dog's eyes.

Though tear stains can be particularly aggravating for show dogs, where appearance is vital, they are generally not a health threat. In some cases, however, they can be linked to bacterial or yeast infections. And since any infection can affect your dog's general health over the long run, anything you can do to prevent staining is important.

How are tear stains treated effectively?

There are a few natural treatments on the market that can help with dog tear stains. One of the most effective is called I-Clenz Tear Stain Solution, an all natural solution that can also support healthy vision and soothe the eyes and surrounding areas.

These treatments not only remove tear stains on dogs but also prevent bacterial or fungal growth around the eyes and improve your dog's overall eye health. And because these natural products have been developed by trained homeopaths, you can be assured that they are completely safe and effective.

The better ones contain a unique blend of herbs and other natural ingredients such as Eyebright, Dandelion and German Chamomile, providing soothing and gentle cleansing to treat the delicate area around the eyes without harming them.

In order to avoid tear stains dogs should be groomed regularly, with special attention paid to the hair around the eyes, particularly in long haired breeds. Regular cleansing of the coat can help to remove dirt build up and discourage bacteria from forming on the skin. Drying the coat after bathing, especially in the eye area, is also helpful for combating the problem.

Because dogs tear stains can be associated with bacterial infection, taking proper steps to ensure the health of your dog's immune system can also be essential to avoiding this problem. Feeding your dog a balanced diet which includes vegetables, fruit and raw meat can ensure proper immune system function. And giving your dog plenty of fresh water and exercise will also help to keep it as healthy and fit as possible.

If ugly tear stains are an issue for your dog, consider the gentle healing touch of nature to help you quickly and easily remove them. Your dog will look better and you'll be able to rest easy knowing his health is protected as well.

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