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How to treat dog paw sores and injuries

Dog paw sores can be quite painful and are prone to infection if left untreated. As such, you should be aware of the condition of your canine's paws and pads.

Always take notice of the terrain when you walk your dog, whether you live in the city or the country. City hazards that could create a dog paw injury include broken glass, hot pavement in the summertime, ice and road salt in the winter and types of gravel that aggravate dogs' paws. If you walk your dog over a surface that has been de-iced dry his paws when you get home, before he starts to lick them. Dog paw injuries from a hike in the country could come from sharp jagged rocks.

If you're particularly active with your dog, taking him on long hikes or runs, watch out for him, because he can't tell you when his paws hurt. Start slowly because it may take a bit of time for his paws to adjust to the terrain and pace and you want to avoid causing dog paw sores.

You should also pay attention to the length of your dog's claws. They should be kept trim, because catching a nail is more painful to a dog than it is to a human. Check them out at least on a monthly basis but if you notice your canine having nail issues, trim them more often. If you have an active dog it's not as much of an issue as the claws are taken care of naturally, but take special care with inactive or old dogs to avoid a dog paw injury.

How do you care for sore dog paws?

There are some natural remedies that can treat dog paw sores as well as condition and protect the feet so injuries are less likely to occur. These can be quite effective for healing wounds and cuts.

Dog booties are helpful if you take your dog on rough terrain frequently or engage in high levels of activity. Booties can assist if a paw has been injured and is healing. Another treatment for dog paw sores is special paw wax, which softens the paw and protects it. It's also a great solution for dogs that slip on waxed floors. If your dog paw injury is dry and cracked paws, paw wax is helpful for that as well.

Regardless of the care for sore dog paws you administer, the sores tend to heal slowly, because when a dog is walking the healing edges of the sore are being pulled. The pads can become infected when the sore contacts the surface the dog is walking on. If your dog has a severe injury keep the paw clean and bandage it. Change the bandages frequently. Try to keep the dog off his feet as much as possible (good luck!) and away from rough surfaces. If the dog paw injury is not improving, see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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