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Learn about dogs mites and ways to get rid of them safely and effectively

For dogs mites can be a real issue. The pests may be tiny, but they pack a wallop when it comes to causing skin irritation and affecting the health of your dog's coat. Fortunately, there is an easy way to keep skin and coat vibrant and healthy and fight off mites and other problems with all-natural remedies.

Bathing is an extremely important part of your dog's regular routine, but one which most owners tend to overlook. Because most dogs prefer to have their own scent and natural oils coating their fur, they may not want to be washed. But mites on dogs and other irritants can build up if your dog is not bathed regularly, and this can lead to serious health issues.

Of course, while treating mites in dogs is extremely important, too much washing can also be harmful as this can strip the coat of essential oils. For most dogs mites and other pests can be kept at bay by bathing once every two months. This can vary depending on breed, but your vet can recommend a proper schedule for your dog.

What are the treatment options?

There are several natural remedies that can repel mites and gently cleanse your dog's skin and coat. One of the most effective dog mite treatments is called Manage Mites Shampoo, a safe, natural solution without the harmful ingredients of many top shampoos.

Developed by trained homeopaths, the natural shampoo contains a variety of ingredients including Agrimony, Garlic, Neem, and essential oils such as Niaoli and Lemongrass. Agrimony is a powerful astringent which cleanses the skin thoroughly while Garlic and Neem are known for their ability to discourage pests, making them particularly effective at battling dogs mites.

Essential oils like Niaoli and Lemongrass provide a clean, natural scent while also promoting healthy cleansing to help prevent mites on dogs. Bathing your dog with a natural shampoo once every two months can help to improve overall health as many illnesses begin either as infections which enter through the skin or are borne by pests such as mites in dogs.

Along with regular bathing, regular brushing is essential for good skin and coat health. You can help to keep dogs mites away by thoroughly brushing your dog every day. This not only gets rid of dirt and insects but also helps to spread the natural oils, adding luster to the entire coat. Sprinkling your dog with a mixture of cornstarch and baby oil and brushing it through the coat can also help to eliminate odor and soak up excess oil.

Your dog is only as healthy as his coat and skin, so keeping him looking good on the outside can also keep him feeling good on the inside. Don't overlook daily grooming and regular bathing with natural shampoo as part of your petÕs regular routine. You'll both feel better for it!

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